Maximilian Lyons Artist Profile Photo B&W

The Artist

My painting has always been there in the background, patiently waiting for the right time and opportunity to share my visions with you all. Now is that time! I started painting when I was a child like most people and budding artists alike, however my fine art practice really started after I found peace through the cathartic powers of creativity as an adult. Yes my styles are varied and a little eclectic and that's how I like it.


"I'm a ball of hair on legs - kind of like a paintbrush" - Maxi

The precursor to my life as an artist was a diverse and colourful career in graphic, product design, photography, animation & video editing. My parents are designers and artists in architecture and fine arts.



Product and graphic design skills developed at Griffith University led me to working with large companies such as Boeing, EGR Group & Lainge O'Rourke. All highly technical and dream jobs for a young man designing body kits for cars, industrial graphics to compliment engineered urban planning & infrastructure systems, and 3D technical diagrams for commercial jet aircraft.


Of course the graphic design clients and employment have been varied as well, working in fashion, engineering, products, sound & video, then artist & designer consultation. This is a multi-specialised career I've experienced thanks to the Bachelor of Design Studies (BDesSt) course I completed at Griffith University in 2009. It's complex and integrated - a bit like my eclectic approach to fine arts application.


Maximilian (Maxi) Lyons is an #Australian artist interested in finding vibrant beauty amongst the chaos of everyday life. He describes himself as a physical painter, using expressive brush-strokes to fill his canvases with an interplay of light and colour. With a background in graphic & product design he plans some of his artworks digitally before committing them to paint. Influences include the art of Jean-Michel Basquait, Salvador Dali, as well as the drip paintings and layering of Jackson Pollock.

Maxi has a unique style which constitutes an eclectic mix of realism, expressionism, abstract and illustrative forms. His landscapes are visionary interpretations drawn from his own worldly travels, yet transformed by a vivid imagination, taking viewers on a deep journey into his utopic universe. His figurative palettes use dynamic bold lines and juxtaposition of perspective, tone and colour to accentuate the subject.

His free-flowing approach has produced some richly diverse and visually captivating works, ranging from tranquil scenes of earthly natural splendour, to intense cosmic-like expressive pieces, and strikingly challenging abstractions sometimes bordering on the eerie. The end result invariably possesses a blend of influences, but always highly original.